Praise Adesina’s Look Book

Jeans Day

Stepping Out In Style: Sight-Seeing Adventure
Running shoes, Pants, Jacket and Mid sleeve top


Running Shoes, Jeans Jacket, Mid-sleeve Gown


Casual Outfitting
Light jeans pants, Casual Jacket, volunteer round neck t-shirt, brown handbag
Casual Outfiting Day
Black boots, blue jean pants, black lace top, black camisole, Grey leopard print leather handbag
Out & About
Headband, jacket, Grey long sleeve crew neck top, Jeans, Grey leopard print leather handbag
Casual Outfit For the Day
Short sleeve Plain tee, Straight Cut jeans, Grey Leopard Handbag.
Business Casual
Black Jacket, White Simple tee, Jeans, Forever 21 Suede flat shoes, Black Scarf, Hand Bag


Black Suede Flats, Leather Jacket, White Short Sleeve Top, Black knee length Skirt


Suede Flats, Handbag, Skirt, Round neck short sleeve Blouse, Jacket, and Sunglasses

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