When Is My Birthday?

Oct 31st. Get me a gift!

What’s On Your Mind?

I’m always thinking, its hard to say…mostly trying to be analytical.

Where should I get you A Gift Card for?

IHOP, Panera Bread, or Subway

How long did It take you to master the Art of Baking?

In my imperfection, constant research, still ongoing trial and error of doing. It took me about 3-9 months to master recipes off hand and understand what ratio of flour, baking powder, and soda to use. I always try my recipes and make sure they are of quality before I share them but everybody’s taste is different, so one’s discretion is strongly recommended.

How Am I Inspired?

Most Ideas I have come through thinking. I am also inspired when I look at social media pictures, magazines or recipes that need improvement. I try very hard not to replicate others because I really only want original recipes or work on my blog.

Favorite Piece Of Clothing? How would you describe your Style?

Style to me is anything that makes me feel elegantly comfortable.

Any Advice?

You need to make sure what you are doing is coming from a place of passion. You will fail and grow. Realize You are a Brand capable of great things. Research and cite your sources. Think long term. Quality is IMPORTANT.

What is the Praise Brand?

My brand is built on quality, responsibility, and sustainability. I wouldn’t purposefully share something I didn’t think wasn’t good. My slogan for baking and cooking is to take the world one recipe at a time.

What I am secretly up to? 

Listening to music, Thinking, Writing, Watching movies, Learning, Researching, Dancing and Discovering talent.

What Do I use to take my pictures?

I previously was using an iPhone 5. I am currently using an iPhone 6. I have done a blog post on how I edit my pictures and it will be updated as I go along discovering new techniques.

Thank you all for following along or stopping by, send me any reasonable questions you have and I will see If I can provide an answer.

Remain Blessed!