About Praise

Hi. Aloha. Hola,

I am Praise Adesina.

I daydream and I create.

I am a researcher, writer, photographer, and visionary.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies. I also have a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

I am always happy to share my opinions on certain topics.

I am pretty much all of the following: Food Addict. Creative Mastermind. Travel Enthusiast. Social Media Artist. Humanity Advocate. Thrift Store Shopaholic.

I am simple and complicated, just like we all probably are but living life simply, happily and freely. I always turn out to have a strong passion for areas I have an interest in.

You can always find me here writing, posting, and sharing.

Stay tuned. 🙂


All recipes, images on the blog post are mine unless otherwise stated. If they are not mine, I will always mention the owner. Google images hold credit to some images that appear on certain blog posts.

I am not a nutritionist. All recipes on this blog are intended for the purpose of sharing enjoyable meals that may or may not have health benefits to them for which I currently receive no compensation. I am, however, constantly doing research on healthy ingredients and incorporating them into my recipes. One’s discretion is recommended as I accept no responsibility towards any fallacy.

If you take any work at all from this website, please link all excerpted post back to respective owners and try to be original in your own way.

All rights are reserved.