Favorite Post: Comfort Food, Tv Series, Activities


Random photography

Hi guys,

I am taking time out here to write about a favorite post, some things are just too special that they become an intricate part of you that sometimes you are not able to explain why they are. Here are some of my favorite things,

Comfort Food:

  • Homemade Cakes
  • Homemade Ice cream
  • Fruit Bowls
  • Peanut soup with ramen noodles
  • Tomato creamy soup
  • Mushroom soup with garlic bread.

Favorite Activity:

  • Going grocery shopping at Aldi’s, Dollar Tree, Walmart.
  • Looking for talent on Pinterest.
  • Walking to the bus station.
  • Hiking.
  • Baking and Cooking.
  • Doing nothing.

Favorite TV Show:

  • The Big bang theory
  • Grey’s Anatomy

End note:

You know you are doing the right thing with your life when people are blessed by what you do. They are drawn towards your life’s calling and they understand it.

It’s a new beginning let’s keep going. Let’s do this. Random saying “You are like my favorite song.”

What are your favorite things?


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