Symbiosis: The Most Amazing Invention Ever

In my opinion, the most amazing invention ever was God creating beautiful human beings that have the most amazing ideas and they take action in making things happen.

In all the little things around us, there is like beauty everywhere. It’s just amazing and mesmerizing sometimes mind-blowing about the things he has created that have ability to create.

I always celebrate talent and I am grateful for people that have them.

The daily post for today “sym·bi·o·sis is a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.” (google, n.d.)

I think this is related to all the companies that create things and what we give back to them in terms of cash, or when we work for them. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. We can say that finding purpose, doing what you do well and making others happy is what brings satisfaction at the end of your work journey.

via Daily Prompt: Symbiosis


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