Veggie Pasta

Quick fact:

One of the benefits of eating pasta is that it is known to have stress relieving properties. This recipe can also be used in times you are feeling stressed out.

1 packet of your favorite pasta package or wheat pasta (spaghetti)

Note that: any type of pasta will do i.e. rotini, macaroni, etc.

2.5 cups of water

A can of mixed vegetables or

Freshly chopped vegetables (tomatoes, onions, carrots, green peppers, jalenpeno, etc)

1 cup of your favorite brand of pasta sauce

5 Tbsp. of olive oil

Salt & Pepper to taste

Lets Cook

In a pot put in pasta and water: boil until soft.

In a large pan, put in olive oil. Let sizzle and then pour in vegetables. Stir fry until oil and vegetables are mixed properly with each other.

Pour in the cup of pasta sauce and add in salt and pepper to taste. Add in pasta when all ingredients have cooked well with each other.

Serve in a bowl and enjoy with your favorite glass of red wine which is great for brain function or any drink it is you enjoy apart from soda.


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